Comprehensive Insurance for Landlords

Find a simpler method to insure your investment portfolio, regardless of its size, with monthly billing and no required minimum earned premiums.

Comprehensive & Transparent Landlord Policies

At Cabana Insurance, we believe in effective landlord insurance solutions, and that’s why we have offer multiple types of insurance policies designed to cover all situations in which you may be liable for lawsuits; you can choose them individually or together, depending on your situation and goals.

Cabana Insurance Benefits


coverage against tenant claims

We’ve created insurance solutions specifically with real estate investors in mind. You’ll be impressed with our experience and ease of use.


Personalized insurance policy

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all; as landlords ourselves, we know that each landlord has different needs and goals, so we are tailoring our policies based on your unique situation.


Transparent and easy process

Tired of opaque terms and conditions? We’ve designed everything, from insurance quotes to signing the policy so that you know clearly what to expect. We’ll hold your hand through the process so that you are sure you’re making the right decision that will get you covered in all circumstances.

Coverage for the following types of investment properties

Rental Property

Single family home up to twenty-unit tenant-occupied building.

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Single family to twenty-unit dwelling being renovated.

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Vacant Property

Covers up to twenty unit unoccupied dwelling.

New Construction

Ground up construction of entirely new structure.

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Vacation Rental

Furnished property rented out on a short-term basis.

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Individually-owned unit in any stage of occupancy.

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Mobile Home

Manufactured, modular or mobile investment dwelling.

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Vacant Land

Liability coverage for a vacant lot or plot of land.

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Lender-Placed Insurance

Insurance coverage to protect the interests of lenders.

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Non-Performing Notes

Coverage to protect your interest while note terms are being re-worked.

Why Cabana Insurance?

10+ yrs experience in property management

Danny Plueddemann, one of the founders of Cabana Insurance, was an owner of several property management companies over the last 10 years, before dedicating himself to rental insurance and real estate investment.

We are rental investors as well

We currently own multiple rental properties, and are actively involved in rental investments.

20+ yrs experience in insurance

Our team has experience in drawing multiple types of insurances, and has the expertise to understand the critical aspects that insurance policies must include.

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